9th life

She is a DOLL. Plastic miracle. She is more than HOLLYWOOD. Everyone wants to be her. Is it possible? NO. She is THE ONE and THE ONLY.
On the other hand, you could BUY her, BUT you CAN’T afford her. You would be HAPPY to have her in YOUR room. She would look PERFECT on your BED, but it’s ONLY a dream. It’s pretty amazing, how MUCH she LOVES her LIFE. No one could MAKE her to hate it. It’s impossible.
This plastic creature adores roses. Buy some for HER, and she’ll give you a sweet KISS from her plastic lips. She is famous. MORE than FAMOUS. She is everything you could ever dream about. LOVE her. MISS her. BE with her. Be HERS.

sweeet christmas :)


-What’s wrong Egle?

-I’m cold,

 I’m sad,

 I’m lonely,

 I’m depressed,

 I’m hurt,

 I’m in love….

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